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MaxUV is a UVC lamp that sterilize spaces and surfaces in Hospitals and Clinics. Laboratory studies Certify its effectiveness.

Medical industry is one of our best clients, since the double germicidal effect UltraViolet-Ozone Eliminates 99.5% of Viruses and Bacteria from the air and surfaces in minutes, leaving no residues.

Our MAXUV lamps are reducing infections in Mexico and in other parts of the world. Units of care for patients with CoVID19 already use MaxUV360: "La Raza" Medical center, "Los Ángeles" Hospital and others. We appreciate their trust... Trust that was Certified by different national and international organizations.


Logo de Esterilización de clínica dental
Logo de Esterilización de centro de imagenología
Logo de Esterilización de municipio Aguascalientes
Logo de Esterilización de Hospital Hidalgo
Logo de Esterilización de Centro médico la Raza


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Certificaciones de Esterilización con luz ultravioleta y ozono
Certificaciones COFEPRIS para lámparas ultravioleta
artículo de luz ultravioleta y ozono
resultado de desinfección en Hospital Hidalgo con lámparas de luz UltraVioleta y ozono
Certificaciones elctrónicas

Reduce infections with MaxUV UVC LAMPS

Sterilize big surfaces in minutess

Create COVID-19 and AH1N1 free zones

Lámpara Ultravioleta MaxUVLight


Conference Saloons, production lines, warehouses and convention centers install UVC light lamps in roofs and columns to generate zones for your health, the health ofo your mates and participants.

Ozone and UV light sterilization is ideal for:

Esteriliza Hospitales con luz ultravioleta y ozono


Esteriliza Clínicas con luz ultravioleta y ozono


Esteriliza Consultorios con luz ultravioleta y ozono

Doctor's offices

Checked! Ultraviolet light kills Coronavirus and other germs...

MaxUV is a UVC lamp inspired by the methods used in the healthcare industry. Specifically, it uses a unique dual method that combines ultraviolet light (UV-C) and Ozone.

The US Center for Disease Control says that "the full spectrum of ultraviolet light can kill or deactivate many microorganisms, but UVC energy provides the greater germicidal effect" , and calls Ozone "a powerful oxidant that destroys microorganisms." Both methods disinfect your workplace.

More recently, in 2020, the company Signify and the National Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases, NEIDL, of the United States of America, validated the effectiveness of UVC ultraviolet lamps to inactivate the virus SARS-COV2 , which causes the disease known as COVID-19. In the study they showed that it is possible to eliminate the Coronavirus in a matter of seconds.

MaxUV products offer nearly constant UV output throughout their lifetime. This allows to ensure disinfection and high efficiency of the system without leaving chemical residues, it only requires 10 minutes to turn it on.

Protect your staff right now and comply with the new health requirements.

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